Full service to Addenbrooke’s

Could relief from traffic congestion in Cambridge’s Mill Road help improve bus services?

Temporary cycling and walking measures are being put in place along Cambridge’s Mill Road, during the Coronavirus crisis to help people get out and socially distance during this pandemic.

Work started on Wednesday, 24th June to widen footways using temporary barriers. Where footpaths have been widened, the road will be narrowed and there will only be sufficient carriageway width to allow one vehicle past at a time, so give-way features will be introduced at each section of widened footway.

Mill Road Bridge will be closed to all vehicles except buses and cyclists, the closure will be enforced by signs and automatic number plate recognition cameras.

There is a full report on these measures on the Mill Road Bridges community group website here – Wider footways, barriers and bridge closure. Click through to view the blogpost, which has links to videos, news reports and more. Cambridge Area Bus Users see no need to duplicate this.

Your secretary emailed Amber Clark, Marketing Officer, Stagecoach East, saying, inter alia:

I would […] like to raise a concern about the citi2.

You appear to have no plan to re-instate full through running of the citi2 to Addenbrooke’s. The current timetable, with alternate weekday, day-time, duties being short-turned at Brooks Road Sainsbury’s seems set to continue.

When, under Andy Campbell’s directorship, this service pattern was introduced, the reason was, we were told, that traffic congestion on Mill Road caused such delays that this was the only way to maintain viability.

The Cambridgeshire County Council’s Covid-19 roadworks on Mill Road, Cambridge, are likely to greatly reduce congestion, and local county councillors, for Petersfield and Romsey divisions respectively, Councillor Linda Jones and Councillor Noel Kavanagh lobbied assiduously to ensure that a mooted proposal to make Mill Road one-way was taken off the table, as this would have made it impossible for you to operate a service along Mill Road.

I would like to hope that you will look again at this service pattern, in the light of the county’s work on traffic restrictions in Mill Road and the priority for buses over Mill Road Bridge.

Secretary, Cambridge Area Bus Users

We received a very helpful reply to the effect that, if the hopped for congestion relief in Mill Road does occur, Stagecoach have promised to consider reinstating a full citi2 service to Addenbrooke’s.

The pattern of services provided across Cambridge, as a result of previous work and the impact of covid-19 on people’s travel habits, will no doubt evolve more over the next 12 to 18 months than it had done in the previous two decades, but this consideration will absolutely be borne in mind.

Amber Clark, Marketing Officer, Stagecoach East

Cambridge Area Bus Users would like to know your views on the citi2 we will be happy to pass these on to Stagecoach and to those responsible for disbursing Covid-related bus revenue support.

The Mill Road Bridges blogpost is open for general comments about the works. Comments about the citi2 bus service can be added below this blogpost. For other Covid-related temporary works, and the effects on bus services, see the Cambridge Area Bus Users parallel blogpost – Covid-related cycling and walking measures.

This is not, however, the place for formal feedback on the temporary changes.
You can give feedback either via email at:
or in writing to:
Policy and Regulation Team
Highways Depot
Stanton Way
PE29 6PY

3 thoughts on “Full service to Addenbrooke’s

  1. As the buses are frequently empty from Mill Road to Sainsburys would you not consider running the buses from town to Mill Road, to Sainsburys and then onto Wulfstan Way and Addenbrookes?

    Perhaps every 15 minutes – a compromise between than the 10 minutes it used to be & the 20 minutes now for Addenbrookes.


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