Stagecoach East’s bus service review

Stagecoach East are undertaking a thorough review of all of their bus services, throughout the region, including the Cambridge area. Cambridge Area Bus Users don’t have ‘inside knowledge’ on the details but we commend the company’s bold initiative. The review will be looking at:

  • Frequencies
  • Days and times of operation
  • Point-to-point timings
  • Coping with traffic congestion
  • Routings
  • ‘Feeder’ Routes
  • Size and capacity of buses
  • Interchange between routes
  • Fares

At the risk of encouraging our members and followers to become ‘armchair route-planners’ we’d love to hear your views. Add your (polite) comments, at the foot of the post.

We also wondered about the best ways of promoting the changes, when they’re introduced, and recalled these quirky ads, featuring wannabe WAG Tanya Brown, academic Professor Harold Hooterson and “green” enthusiast Gayle Windybottom, with Tom Baker’s voiceover.

For these with a nerdy disposition, here’s the link to the Stagecoach press release of 18 Jun 2007.

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