Notice of General Meeting with Agenda

Under section 5 of the Cambridge Area Bus Users constitution, adopted at the Inaugural General Meeting, Saturday 2 June 2018, notice is hereby given of a General Meeting of Cambridge Area Bus Users.

All members are entitled to attend. Intending members and supporters are also cordially invited.

Date & time: 14:00 – 16:00 Saturday 6 October 2018

Location: Ross Street Community Centre, Ross Street, Cambridge, CB1 3UZ (More details below.)

Download the agenda here. (PDF 290KB) Limited printed copies of the agenda will be available at the meeting. It is recommended that you print out your own or save it to any smartphone/tablet/laptop which you will be bringing to the meeting,

So far the Executive Committee has agreed that the General Meeting will need to discuss campaigns – membership, disability access, work with Residents’ Associations and others on service levels, young people – including appointment of campaigners.

We should also, perhaps, take a view on what powers we consider that Mayor Palmer should use to improve bus services. Please see our Bus Franchising, Quality Partnerships, and other ways of improving bus services webpage. Feel free to add your own comments on this debate.

We can also report back on meetings which we have had. Please see our Posts and Updates webpage.

We have identified the need for additional committee roles:

  • Membership secretary 
  • Campaigns co-ordinator 
  • Information co-ordinator 
  • Web & social media co-ordinator

Whilst the Executive Committee can co-opt, election at a General Meeting would be preferable. Nominations (including self-nominations) can be emailed to

Please email any suggestions for inclusion on the agenda to

Members are entitled to propose motions to the meeting which will be included on the agenda, subject to them having a seconder. 

If you are proposing a motion, and have a seconder, please make sure that both of you email your agreed wording to If you have no seconder, you may send it to me for our committee to composite it with any similarly-worded motion.

Ross Street Community Centre is 250 yards along Ross Street from Mill Road, Cambridge, on the left-hand-side beyond the junction with St Philip’s Road.

The venue is fully accessible.

If you are coming by bus from the city centre, Chesterton or Cambridge North Station catch the citi 2 and alight at the ‘Romsey Terrace’ stop by the Bed Centre, on the corner of Mill Road and Ross Street.

If you are coming by bus from Addenbrooke’s, Perne Road, etc catch the citi 2 and alight at the ‘Romsey Terrace’ stop on Mill Road opposite the Cycle King shop.

There is cycle parking on the premises and on the street nearby. On-street car parking is available, free but limited.

Note: The Conference Room in Cambridge Central Library, which we used for the Inaugural General Meeting, in June, was unavailable. Ross Street is considerably cheaper than the alternatives which we investigated.


2 thoughts on “Notice of General Meeting with Agenda

  1. One of the bus shelters in Emmanuel Street has no ‘no smoking’ sign up and people still smoke inside. One young woman,who was challenged re her smoking,pointed to the shelter and said(in foul language)she would smoke there if she wanted as there was no sign up and was very aggressive to the lady who pointed it out to her. This is the No2 bus shelter. These ‘no smoking’ signs need to be bigger and more visible. Also, drivers are STILL keeping their engines running in Emmanuel Street causing great discomfort to passengers with breathing problems.


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