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Image of blue bus, with black tyres, bearing the name Cambridge Area Bus Users, with subscript: 'Working for bus passengers in and around Cambridge'

Cambridge Area Bus Users

Working for bus passengers in and around Cambridge

  • Are you concerned about deteriorating bus services in and around Cambridge?
  • Does your neighbourhood or village have a decent service?
  • What about early mornings, late evenings or Sundays?

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Public Meeting: The Future of Cambridge Area’s Bus Services

On Saturday 15 June 2019 Cambridge Area Bus Users held our Annual General Meeting and followed it with a public meeting addressed by representatives of two local bus operators and an independent expert.

Click through for a brief report and videos.

Buses are the most-used form of public transport. They serve a vital role within communities, connecting people to key public services, such as schools and hospitals, local amenities, and work – with more people commuting by bus than all other forms of public transport combined1. Overall, there are three times as many trips in England made by local bus than made by rail, with over 60% of public transport trips made by bus2.

1: DfT National Travel Survey Statistics Table NTS0303, Department for Transport, 2017.
2: Annual Bus Statistics: England 2016/17, Department for Transport, 2017.

Cambridge Area Bus Users was formed to stand up for the interests of bus passengers in and around Cambridge.

  • All bus users in and around Cambridge are welcome to join us.
  • Help us work towards better bus services for the area.
  • Please recommend membership throughout your community.

We have a modest membership fee (£5.00 per household per year, though no-one will be refused membership for inability to pay).  Why not join us?

You can also get involved by:

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If you don’t have your own blog but would like to submit a longer opinion-piece, you’re welcome to contact us to do so. Cambridge Area Bus Users reserve the right to edit, but will attribute it to you, unless you would like to remain anonymous.

We welcome your suggestions for new web-pages and blog-posts.

The Cambridge Area Bus Users’ Constitution – adopted at the Inaugural General Meeting, Saturday, 2 June 2018 – can be downloaded (PDF 478 kb) by clicking here.

Minutes of Cambridge Area Bus Users Inaugural General Meeting can be downloaded here. (PDF 1.3 MB)

A General Meeting was held on Saturday 6th October 2018. Minutes of Cambridge Area Bus Users General Meeting of 6 October 2018 can be viewed/downloaded here. (PDF 204 KB)

The 2019 Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday 15th June 2019. Minutes of the 2019 Annual General Meeting can be viewed/downloaded here. (PDF)

This was followed by a Public Meeting on The Future of Cambridge Area’s Bus Services addressed by three transport experts. Read more, and view the speeches & question and answer sessions, here.

Members, supporters and adherents of Cambridge Area Bus Users who are on our mailing list, are entitled to view the Executive Committee Minutes & Reports webpage and download our minutes and reports,  This page is for members, supporters and adherents of Cambridge Area Bus Users to view (and comment upon, if you wish). It is not for general viewing, so has been password protected. Everyone on the mailing list has been, or will be, notified of the password.

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